Conversie 6

Conversion 6.5 to 2004
1. Install the latest version of Medibase version 6, namely medibase 6.3.2.
(this version contains the programmes to export the data. Adapted for
windows as well as for Mac)
2. After the installation Medibase should be started on the level ‘Organisatie’
3. If you have diagrams, you would better save them externally. Therefor
you should do the following. Go to Tools – Diagrams. Open a diagram
and choose ‘Save as’ from the menu ‘File’. Create a new folder (e.g.
c:\diagrams) and choose ‘Picture File’ at ‘Save as type’. Enter a name and
click Save. A picture file that you can read in in 2004 afterwards if you
diagrams should not be converted correctly is created!
4. Then you choose Archief - Stoppen. Click Ja at the question ‘Akkoord om
programma te verlaten?’ and go to the menu ‘Organisatie’. Choose
‘Database overzicht’ and leaf 2 pages forward to the 3rd page. There you
click the button “Write --> laatste versie”. You will see a counter that
indicates the status of the conversion of the text document. Wait until the
counter has finished counting
5. Then leaf on to the last tab, where you will see a button ‘Export
keuzeparagrafen’. This button will export the choice paragraphs to
“keuzeparagrafen.txt” BUT also the rest of the data to 4D files (e.g.
[Patiënten]) EXCEPT for the choice paragraphs. (This cannot be exported
in a 4D format !)
After the export you will see all exported files in the medibase folder + the
file keuzeparagrafen.txt
6. Then you rename the folder medibase to “MediBase632” (this way you will
know that this is the latest version of medibase before the conversion)
7. Then you create a new folder “MediBase”.
8. Copy all files of version 2004 from the CD to this new folder
9. Download the latest version of MediBase Full from our website
10. Install this
11. Copy all necessary files from the folder “Medibase632”
Export Protocols
Import Protocols
Transfert Folder
AND all files between [..] and the file keuzeparagrafen.txt.
12. Modify the shortcut on your desktop so that it will start the correct
Medibase (or create a new shortcut)
13. Start the new version of MediBase 2004 and log in on the level
Attention ! Before clicking Connect you should hold the “Alt”-key. 4D will
now ask you which data file should be opened. Since you do not have a
new data file yet you click “NEW” and name the new data file
“Medibase.4DD”, which should be saved in “C:\Medibase” (NOT in
c:\medibase\database, NOT in c:\medibase\final application, NOT in
c:\final application...)
14. MediBase will now open with a new, empyt data file and imports all files
between [..] that are in the folder c:\medibase.
15. When MediBase is open you have a complete new data file, created in
2004 WITHOUT choice paragraphs. Now you need to import these
through the menu Organisatie. Therefor you choose Archief – Stoppen.
Click ‘Ja’ at the question ‘Akkoord om programma te verlaten?’ and go to
the menu Organisatie. Choose ‘Database overzicht’ and leaf to the last
page. Here you will find a button “keuzeparagrafen”. This button will
create a new table from the file keuzeparagrafen.txt.
16. Furthermore you can check the diagrams and for those that are incorrect
(too large etc.) you can load then from the saved diagrams.
You choose File -> Open and you go to the folder where you saved the
diagrams and choose the right diagram. Then you choose “Open”
MediBase will ask you if the old diagram should be saved and there you
choose “Don’t save”. Then MediBase will import the diagram in the right