“Cultuur in perspectief” (2e semester: 2008) (dinsdag tussen 16u00

“Cultuur in perspectief” (MA, 2e semester), academiejaar 2010–2011, titularis: dr. M. Torck
Elke woensdag: 16u00–19u00, Aud. M (Rozier)
I. 16 februari: prof. dr. A. Schottenhammer (Universiteit Gent)
Money and monetary policy in the study of Chinese economic history: two examples and
some related observations
II. 23 februari: dr. C. Weber/dra. M. Büyükmavi (University of Cologne)
Arts in the Muromachi period: emergence and process of institutionalization
III. 2 maart: prof. dr. U.Schaffers (Universiteit Gent)
Sunny gardens, flowers, teahouses,little Danseuses, and in the Centre of it Fujiyama?
Glimpses of Japan in the late 19th and the early 20th Century
IV. 9 maart: prof. dr. C. Uhl (Universiteit Gent)
Literature - Politics - Science in war-time Japan: A case study of two interpretations of Lu
Xun (Dazai Osamu and Takeuchi Yoshimi)
V. 16 maart: dr. C. Roloff (University of Hamburg)
Women's Rights in Buddhism
VI. 23 maart: dr. G. Guiheux (Université Paris Diderot)
The Chinese socialist heroes: from workers to entrepreneurs
VII. 30 maart: dr. H. Van der Veere (Universiteit Leiden)
Japanse pelgrimages vanuit het perspectief van de heilige plaatsen en hun symboolsysteem
VIII. 6 april: dr. C. Tagsold (University of Düsseldorf)
Japanese realms of memory
IX. 27 april: prof. dr. J. Braarvig (University of Oslo)
The Akṣayamatinirdeśasūtra and the concept of the imperishable in its Mahāyāna context
X. 4 mei: Ms. Petra Thiel (University of Heidelberg)
Travelling concepts, travelling stories: a transcultural approach to children's literature
XI. 11 mei: prof. dr. Paolo Detroia (Sapienza University of Rome)
Language and culture interaction: the case of Chinese
XII. 18 mei: dr. R. Busser (Universiteit Leiden)
De ontwikkeling van de economische en politieke verhoudingen tussen Japan en de