Optimizing the embryo transfer technique Abou

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Optimizing the embryo transfer technique
Abou-Setta, A.M.
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Abou-Setta, A. M. (2008). Optimizing the embryo transfer technique
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Download date: 18 Jul 2017
Optimizing the Embryo
Transfer Technique
Ahmed Mohamed Abou-Setta
© Ahmed Abou-Setta, Amsterdam, 2008
Optimizing the Embryo Transfer Technique
PhD Thesis, University of Amsterdam- with references- with summary in
Dutch & Arabic
Key words: embryo transfer, technique, catheter, ultrasound, evidencebased medicine, meta-analysis, pregnancy rate
Cover: Picture of the Nile River in Luxor. In Egypt, the Nile represents
life, hope, fertility and prosperity for the Egyptian people since the days
of the Pharaohs.
Printed by: Gildeprint drukkerijen BV
Optimizing the Embryo
Transfer Technique
ter verkrijging van de graad van doctor
aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam
op gezag van de Rector Magnificus
Prof.dr. D.C. van den Boom
ten overstaan van een door het college voor promoties
commissie, in het openbaar te verdedigen in de Agnietenkapel
op dinsdag 1 april 2008, te 14.00 uur
Ahmed Mohamed Abou-Setta
Geboren te Giza, Egypte
Overige leden:
Prof.dr. F. van der Veen
Dr. H.G. Al-Inany
Prof.dr. M.A. Aboulghar
Prof.dr. P. Braude
Prof.dr. M.J. Heineman
Prof.dr. J.A.M. Kremer
Prof.dr. N.S. Macklon
Dr. P.G.A. Hompes
Faculteit der Geneeskunde