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The effect and
effectiveness of the Cito
test in an educational
system that uses
General introduction
Countries all over the world use a technique/system that uses tracking. Tracking, also referred to as
ability grouping, is a system where students are divided into groups or classes based on their IQ or
academic abilities. Tracking can be used in numerous ways, and each country has a different
approach to tracking. In the Netherlands, they use tracking at an early age. In the last year of primary
school, every Dutch student takes a test to administer their current academic level. This test helps
the parents and teachers to determine what academic track the student will continue their
secondary education in. Research indicates that over 85% of primary schools use an exam that is
developed by the Central Institute of Test Development "Cito" (Scheerens et al., 2012). Even though
the results of this Cito test is not binding, it does have a significant influence on the choice the
parents and teachers make.
The cito exam tests the learners in on subjects using multiple choice questions. The learners are
tested in math, language, study skills with an optional world orientation part. Some schools chose
not to take it (Citotoets, n.d.). Practicing for this exam does help, which sparks the debate about it’s
accuracy. Practicing not only helps with studying, but it is also a way to become familiar with the
method of assessment. This method of testing does help the teachers to be objective and compare
learners with each other. The exam does not offer a way to retake the exam, but if the teachers
request it then there is an option for an IQ test (Walhout, 2011).
But what does the cito exam test, and are the results of this exam an accurate representation of a
learners academic level? To find an answer to these question, the research question of this article is:
To what extend is the cito test accurate in testing a learners level, and how does it influence a
student's secondary education?
This research hypothesises states that the Cito exam is an accurate representation of the learners
level but that the input of the teachers should not be ignored. However it is impossible to have a
redo of the exam, and the only other option is an IQ test. In my opinion there should be a way to
have a second test, if the learner has a bad day it can influence his whole future education.
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