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H1A create a flower

H1A, biology
Assignment: crafting a plant
In this assignment you will craft a plant with a flower for yourself. At the same time you will repeat
the names of the parts of a plant.
You will need:
• Scissors
• Glue and adhesive tape
• Paper, preferably in red, yellow, white, light and dark green. Or look for other nice colours
• An iron wire / straw / old brush
If you can't figure it out, part of the steps (step 2 to 11) are demonstrated in a video. The link of this
is below.
1. First you will start making the carpel. You cut a piece of paper (colour: light
green) in the shape you can find below (all the shapes in this worksheet are
the right size):
2. Then you create the filaments. You do this by cutting a long small
rectangular piece of paper, the same height as the previous carpel.
This should look like this:
3. Thereafter you make the anthers. You do this by cutting a piece of yellow paper into lots of
small pieces.
4. After that, put some glue on the filaments and dip them in the anthers. You have now made
5. Stick the carpel of 1) on the iron wire / straw / old brush. You can also do this with adhesive
You have now made the core of the flower: the stamens and the carpel.
Now cut out the petals in red. These have the following form:
Thereafter you cut between 8 and 10 petals.
Stick the petals around the core of the flower one by one.
Then cut out the sepals. You can do this by cutting out a strip of dark
Fold this strip around your flower like sepals.
After this you are going to create some leaves on the stem. You do this by cutting out small
leaves and attaching them to the iron wire / straw / old brush.
Last thing to do is the colouring of the the stem. You can do this by twisting a long piece of
paper around the iron wire. Do not destroy the leaves with this.
Now you have created your own flower!