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Botanical chalking herbarium journal

H1 tto,
Unit 7, Flowers, fruits and seeds
Assignment: Botanical chalking
It is a hype on the internet….Botanical chalking! Writing
names on sidewalks to make people more aware of plants in
their surroundings. Nothing like a name tag to help people realise what’s growing under their noses
as they walk around the streets. Plants which most people call weeds.
In this assignment you are going to look for plants which naturally grow in forgotten spaces.
First go to:
In the lessons you have learned how a standard flower looks like and what the function of the
different part are. You've probably seen that not every flower really looks the same, and yet they all
have the same build-up!
With this assignment, you have to go outside and you're
going to look around even better. You are going to find
flowering plants, look up for their names (that is called
determination) collect them in your own Herbarium
What are you going to do?
1. Find at least 15 flowering plants in your own
environment (in your street, on the sidewalk, in
the park, on het playground, etc.).
2. Look up fort the common name of the plant, in
English and Dutch
3. the scientific name (in Latin)
4. Write the name next to the plant (with chalk, or on a post-it)
5. Take a clear picture of the whole plant and the name.
6. Put these photos in a Word document, this is you Herbarium journal
7. Add key details about the plant and its environment.
 The scientific name (in Latin)
 The date when you found the plant
 Its height (in cm)
 Where did you find it (location)
 How is the plant pollinated (by insects or by the wind)
 Some other points of information you may want to mention include the plant’s
common and scientific name, known uses, and when and where you discovered it.
 Use one page (in Word) for every plant
To determine the plant (look up for their names) you can use an app on your mobile:
Plantnet  (https://apps.apple.com/nl/app/plantnet/id600547573 or
Or look on the internet: https://floraeuropa.eu/nl/determineren
This assignment has to be handed in on Itslearning (opdracht in the planner) before the end of May
29th! This assignment will be graded!