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Winsun Textile (Jiang Su) Co.,Ltd

Winsun Textile (Jiang Su) Co.,Ltd
We have advanced high-density circular machines from 36G to
46G including single machines, double machines, and Jacquard
machines. And we have 4 lines lamination machine. It covers
an area of 15 acres with more than 10000 M2 buildings.Focus
on developing and producing high-density knitted fabric,
super-light outdoor functional fabric, stretch softshell
fabric, etc. Move with your body.We have a professional team
that graduated from textile engineering with nearly 20 years
of experience. To ensure stable quality and delivery time, we
have a strict quality control system and ERP system. We inspect
each meter and make records before shipment.
Winsun Textile (Jiang Su) Co.,Ltd
Add:Wujinag, Suzhou, China
Phone: +86-15995557995
E-mail:[email protected]
Msn:winsunt[email protected]