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Weft Knit Fabrics Manufacturers - gmknittedfabric

Tongxiang Guangming Knitting Co. Ltd is mainly China Products Suppliers and Products.The fabric
we produce is comfortable to wear, soft and moisture absorbing.Suitable for men and women
underwear, Bottoms, sportswear, outerwear, children's wear, etc. We have served many famous
clothing brands,such as Le Coq Sportif、Adidas、ZARA、HM、FILA、BOY LONDON、VILA、Forever
21, etc.Our main products are as follows: 1. Normal Products: jersey, spandex jersey, spandex
small terry, terry fabric, drawn flannelette fabric, tripped fabric, cotton fabric, printed
fabric,Wholesale Products,etc.2.Intermediate and the high-end products.3.Mixed-spun
products.4.Clothing making for above various materials.
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Tongxiang Guangming Knitting Co. Ltd.
EconomicDevelopmentZone,Tongxiang,Zhengjiang Province,China.
Phone: +86-573-88366000
Fax: +86-573-88365288
mail: [email protected]