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Bearing anti-friction parts series from JN Sinter Metals Co., Ltd.

JN Sinter Metals Co., Ltd.
JN Sinter Metals Co., Ltd., (Hangzhou Eastern Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. )
is a professional R&D and manufacturing enterprise for a variety of
Powder Metals parts and Metal Powder Injection Molding(MIM) parts.
The company was founded in 1996, located in Xiaoshan District,
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, covers an area of 12000 square
meters and a building area of 10000 square meters.
We have advanced and perfect powder metals production and testing
equipment, rigorous and standardized quality assurance system and
innovative and pragmatic management and service team, so as to
fundamentally guarantee the excellent quality and larger capacity. At
present, we have successively passed the certification of "ISO9001" and
"TS16949" quality management system. Every year, 300-500 new parts
can be developed, and about 3500 tons, 100 million pcs of powder
metals parts with iron base, copper base, stainless steel and MIM can be
manufactured. All the year round for the United States, Germany, Britain,
France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and Slovakia, Switzerland,
Sweden, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Taiwan,
more than 150 customers in over 20 countries and regions to provide
cost-effective automotive, home appliances, transmission, garden
machinery, food machinery, textile machinery, agricultural machinery,
communications equipment, hardware tools and other accessories.
Business is growing by about 30 percent a year.
"High-quality products, preferential prices, and efficient services" is the
absolute principle to win the market and customer satisfaction. In the
future, we will continue to pursue the quality policy of "creating high
quality at preferential prices, and perfect service to satisfy customers".
At the same time, we will continue to introduce advanced equipment
and management experience to improve the quality of the management
team to meet the needs of customers and the market.
Our Hot Sale Products
Bearing anti-friction parts series
High Precision Powder Metal Sintering Internal/External Ring Gear
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Manufacturing Method: Sintered Gear
Toothed Portion Shape: Straight Gear
Material: Powder Metallurgy
Color: Metallochrome
Processing: Forging, CNC Machining
Surface Treatment: High Frequency quenching, Oil impregnation
Apperance: No Crumbling, Cracks, Exfoliation, Voids, Metal Pitting and
Other Defects
Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Toy,
Agricultural Machinery, Car
MIM product series
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City, Zhejiang Province, 311253, China.
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