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Course proposal

The transition within the current print Monthly Directive to Digital directive is the
confirmation that we move more and more towards the digitalization.
This also means that there will be some changes within my daily workflow in producing and
maintaining the Monthly Directive. Some new activities that require new skills and
knowledge of digital tool environment will exist within my daily job. Although I know that I
will get a good basic onboarding for this transition, I would like to learn more about digital
As I will be the person who will intermediate the client and the developer, I think it's
important for me to be able to think with and about the optimization of this new Directive.
What I need to do to achieve this goal is to have a good understanding of how the frontend
for this digital platform is built and structured.
For this, I would like to take courses on the following topic:
1) HTML and CSS. Covering the technical area to understand how the frontend of digital
tools is built and structured.
2) UX (User Experience) Covering the idea on how to optimize the customer experience and
customer engagement with the product.
As in my free time, I'm doing small digital projects for my network of family and friends, so I
currently have already developed the basic knowledge of the above 2 topics. So, I will be
able to learn faster and getting more into the dept of this topic. I am sure that the
knowledge that I will gain from this course can be beneficial for the Amsterdam team in the