Bass Remco Becker

Antoine Selim Belgin - Vocals
Edgar Post – Drums
Marco Spinello - Bass
Remco Becker - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Abaco formed in early 2002 with band members Mark, Michael and Remco. While looking for
the perfect vocalist to complete the band they started writing songs in a genre that "fits in"
somewhere between alternative rock and progressive metal. Influences from the different
backgrounds of the individual musicians were mixed together and then taken to a higher level
when Sil joined the band a couple of months later. He was immediately able to fit his lyrics into
the musical basis enabling the song-writing process to progress.
The first recording session took place in August/September 2002 when 5 songs were recorded
and mixed by Abaco’s vocalist Sil on a digital 16-track.
After this recording Abaco decided that it was time to get a third party, producer Frank
Reijgersberg (Racoon/Cooper/Nuff Said/Benjamin B (live)/ I against I (live)/Motorpsycho (live))
to record 4 of the latest songs for Abaco's first release. Abaco’s demo-album was released in
April 2003.
All Abaco band members have lots of experience in other bands (God, Agent Orange, Solid
Ground, Scophile, Spanku, Tonka, Jack Molton Distortion, Neues Forum, Ripping Ohio, etc..)
and a diverse musical background, which is reflected in Abaco’s musical style.
Oor magazine (July ’03):
“Forceer met een vernuftige Tool het Heras-hekwerk van een door Jimmy Page weelderig
aangeplante Soundgarden. Jaag vervolgens met enige hostiliteit een Melvin, Monster Magnet of
Kyuss de Screaming Trees in en zie daarmee de muzikale kaderen van het hoofdstedelijke Abaco
jammerlijk flauw omschreven. Als treffend toch ook. Want het viertal doet wel degelijk aan een
inventieve tak van stoner grunge die – gedomineerd door sombere, onrustig omrollende
gitaarriffs en donkergetinte stevige-halen-vocalen – in vier nummers heerlijk zwaar op de maag
"Abaco, from Amsterdam, have fused elements of Tool and Meshuggah to come up with a very
interesting take on stoner and math-rock that is completely infectious. This debut EP is the
evidence that the formula for riff rock is taking a more modern outlook. A full length is highly
anticipated." (
"..complex guitarriffing and unconventional breaks.." "..Abaco would be best described as a mix
between 'math-metal' bands like Meshuggah and Tool, and heavier, stonerrock bands like Kyuss
and old-Soundgarden. With this they have created a sound that, to my knowledge, has never been
heard before, at least not in Holland" "..this band could go far in the future.."
Abaco contact: Remco Becker, Stolwijkstraat 51-3, 1059 XV Amsterdam
+31 (0) 6 29041616 [email protected] /