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OPTIONAL TASK: Write a description of your
(imaginary) life as a famous musician (12-15
As a musician my name would be MC2 (MC square) because
of Einstein’s theory of special relativity. My most important
albums would be called ‘Fear the Dear’ and ‘Smoke Some
Coke’. I started off by making mix-tapes on YouTube and join
known rappers on their music tracks, but know that I’m
famous I try to help young rappers like me back in the day to
reach for the top by getting them to sign with my new record
label called “one shot”. I rose to attention when I made a
song with Travis Scott called “Highest in the room”. What I
enjoy the most is spending time with my family, friends and
watch my fans sing my songs lyrics perfectly. I perform live
on stage from time to time but I often work at the studio to
make new songs with different artists as well as young boys
and girls for audition to see if their ready to sign a deal. My
plans in the future is to get my record-label to be listed
number 1 on ‘most-sold albums/song by a record label’ and
‘most platinum’s earned by a record label’.