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Ningbo Hongji Locks Industrial Co., Ltd is a famous China Products manufacturers
and Products factory, located at the south bank of Hangzhou Bay, in Cixi – the
eastern part of the beautiful and fertile Ningshao Plain, close to National Highway
329, adjacent to Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, connecting Ningbo, Hangzhou and
Shanghai, enjoying an excellent geographical location.Founded in 1986, the company
has a factory with an area of 10,000-plus square meters and a staff of over 300.
As a professional lock manufacturer, the company boasts advanced copper rod and
copper material production lines, the production and assembly abilities of lock
bodies, keys, pin tumblers, and lock cylinders, 300-odd sets of special equipment,
an annual production capacity of 5million, over 20 years of production experience,
and excellent service. And relying on which, the cheap Products manufacturers have
been exported to Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile,
Japan, etc, and been highly praised by customers.
平原东部的慈溪杭州湾南岸,紧靠 329 国道,毗邻杭州-宁波高速公路,连接宁波,杭州和
上海,地理位置优越。公司成立于 1986 年,拥有面积 10,000 多平方米的工厂,员工 300
芯的生产和组装能力,专用设备 300 余套,年生产能力 500 万件,已有 20 多年的生产经验,
TSA key padlock
TSA small brass luggage padlock with
brass key lock
hongjilock 3 dial combination Silver
Zinc TSA lock
89*60*17.6 Medium and thin models
Brass padlock
Steel Trailer Locks
Zinc alloy padlock