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All drugs must be illegal

All drugs must be illegal
Maurice van As
Klas 4H1
drugs are a worldwide problem. There are a lot of people addicted to drugs in the
world. those people will literally do everything to get drugs! Some people are in
therapy but often that won’t work. That’s the reason why we want all drugs be
All drugs must be illegal but why? My first reason is that a lot of people are addicted
to drugs. That’s a serious problem, because drugs cost a lot of money! The most
addicted people don’t have enough money for drugs. So they are going to work in the
drugsworld or do bad things to get money for drugs. This is dangerous for all people!
My second reason is that drugs are dangerous! You can hurt or kill yourself when you
use drugs. when you use drugs you can forget that you can hurt yourself or even die.
An example is that a drug user jumped of a building because he thought he can fly.
My conclusion is that drugs are the worst things of all. You don’t get anything useful
from consuming drugs only things that are bad. I give you one tip’ Never come in
contact with drugs.’