Your Blueprint For Permanent Fat Loss Book PDF

Your Blueprint For
Permanent Fat Loss
The Time Saving Scientific Secret to Permanent Fat Loss
If you’re reading this right now, one thing is for certain and that is you
are probably sick and tired of being at your current body weight or you
are at least ready to change the shape of your body.
Chances are, you’ve tried a number of different diets and workouts in the
past. We all have. I am willing to bet you’ve done low carb dieting (and
hated your life!) or you’ve done low fat dieting (equally as bad).
You may have even tried a fasting diet before – which you only lasted two
days on because you become so hungry and irritable your friends and
family started to hate you and forced you to say you would never do
anything like that again.
Likewise, you’ve probably spent so much time in the gym that you might
as well call it your second home. You’re there early morning and late at
night, trying to melt those pounds that just won’t seem to budget.
Without a question of a doubt,
You’re frustrated.
And who can really blame you?
Anyone in their right mind who has worked so hard and been through all
of the above would feel the exact same way.
That’s why today we are going to teach you something different.
Something effective.
And thanks to some powerful science and math...Something fast.
And, something that you’ll likely find extremely fun as well.
This three-phase system packs a seriously powerful punch which is going
to ensure that you keep coming back for more. Once you take a minute
to understand it and start using it, you will be so amazed at how quickly
you are seeing results that you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.
Regret may set in that you wasted so many years on your ‘old methods’,
not seeing progress at all. No point in crying over spilled milk, you
should already know we only want you looking forward, the past is long
Fortunately, the future can be different. Once you learn the right way to
train the body, you can use it to not only reach the weight loss goals you
have set for yourself, but to also make sure that you maintain your new
body as well. That’s right PERMANENT FAT LOSS.
After all, no plan should ever be considered effective unless it actually
helps you maintain your new body weight with results you know are
going to last.
That’s the real ticket to success. You must maintain your body weight so
that you can enjoy all the hard work you put in. Permanent fat loss is the
only acceptable standard on which to build a system.
It does you no good to get a hot and sexy body, only to see it vanish in a
few weeks time because it’s just too impossible to maintain the diets and
workouts that got you there in the first place.
We are going to reveal a completely new system that you can easily
maintain for years to come regardless of what equipment you have
available, how busy your time schedule is, or your current level of fitness.
This system will work great for everyone, so there is absolutely no excuse
why you can’t be in your dream body in a few short weeks or months,
depending on where you are starting from.
I hope you’re feeling excited and are ready to get going and finally see
what you can do to create your best body ever.
Before we get going on the scientifically proven system for success
however, let’s first take some time to go over where so many people are
going wrong with their approach to make sure you aren’t making the
same mistakes.
This way, you know precisely what not to do if you want to see success.
The Workout Mistakes Most People Are Making Today
When you walk into any commercial gym right now, what do you see?
First, you see a flock of women lined up all in a row staring out the
windows slaving away on the bike, elliptical, or treadmill machines.
They are there, day in and day out, looking mighty unimpressed with the
workouts they are forcing themselves to do, with an internal dialogue
asking why they are continuing when they aren’t seeing any results.
Yet, they stay committed, firmly believing that if they just keep at it, it
should lead to some degree of success. After all, they’re burning calories,
aren’t they?
The thing is, if you stop and think about it, these women are there for
weeks and weeks on end, putting in the high amount of effort we see
them doing.
Yet, is their body changing?
Do they look any different today than they did a month ago? A few
months ago? A year ago even?
Chances are they don’t and this should really get you questioning these
methods. Or maybe you’ve seen one out of the fifteen women pounding it
out on a treadmill women who has a killer body, but if you were to
actually follow her around, I guarantee you she is probably doing a warm
up or cool down.
The fact is if hours of moderate intensity cardio training worked, for the
amount all those women have done by this point, they should all be
walking around with ultra-fit bodies by now.
But they aren’t, and that is a very important point to keep in mind here.
In fact, in some cases they may even look worse.
They may look a bit softer – less defined than they did before.
So in reality, not only have they wasted an extremely important amount
of time they will never get back, they are likely feeling very low on energy
and feeling even more frustrated they aren’t seeing progress.
Most drop off after a month or two with no results, but you will always
get those few who stick with it. They are bound and determined that if
they keep at it, they will see success…
…if only they knew there was a better way, a secret in fact that has been
uncovered by a simple math equation.
Then you have the other group of women. These women are slightly
ahead of the game and a bit smarter. They have absolutely no desire to
spend an hour each day of the week on the cardio machines and have
taken up free weight lifting instead.
They feel confident they’re on a better path.
And, to some degree they are – free weight lifting is going to be a better
option than hours of moderate intensity cardio.
But the problem?
These women are scared to push themselves. They go into the free
weight area and pick up a set of 5 pound dumbbells and begin
performing all the exercises they’ve seen in popular ‘fitness magazines’.
They do bicep curls, tricep extensions, a few lateral raises, some leg
raises, and kickbacks – don’t forget those kickbacks. They’ve read in the
magazines this is key to a building a tight butt.
These women see some results, but it’s still not nearly the level of results
they had hoped they would and they are still spending way too much
time . Time they will never get back or they could be spending doing
things with family and friends.
They too keep at it, hoping things will change.
The Cortisol-Response
First you need to learn about the cortisol response in your body and the
impact of all those treadmill hours.
The reason that this form of training will never work properly is because
when you do high amounts of moderate intensity exercise, you are
priming your body to burn lean muscle mass.
Think about this for a second.
Look at a marathon runner. How shapely and defined are they?
Generally, they aren’t at all. They either are actually rather soft and flabby
(the amateur ones who are just starting) or they are very, very thin and
gaunt looking – little muscle mass is present on their body.
This makes sense when you think about it. When you are transporting
your body across distances of that length, any excess weight on your
body has, or muscle tissue that burns up much needed fuel quickly , is
going to hinder you.
You need to be able to conserve fuel to go such great lengths.
As a result, you’ll begin dropping lean muscle mass in a hurry. While you
do so, you’ll be maintaining your fat mass at the same time.
The end result?
Your body composition changes so you look softer and less defined than
before. You may lose some weight if you do enough of this long duration
cardio work, but you will become a smaller, flabbier version of your
current self. This is the definition of ‘skinny fat’.
Someone who lacks lean muscle mass, is relatively small, but yet still has
a very high level of body fat = skinny fat...
Is that what you want?
When you do this much exercise, your body is going to release a
hormone called cortisol into the body, which has the primary job of
breaking down tissue.
Muscle tissue is going to be its target and as it does this, you become
weaker than you were before you started down this road.
In addition, when you have a high concentration of cortisol flowing
through your veins, you will also be at an increased risk to store excess
body fat in the stomach region. That’s right, the dreaded belly fat. Not to
mention the stress reaction of your body to excess cortisol.
So by doing all those hours of cardio, not only are you going to lose lean
muscle, but you’re also going to increase abdominal fat.
This is likely not exactly the perfect image of fat loss you had in mind
now, is it?
Yet, this is the situation that far too many women get themselves in.
What’s even worse is that most of women just like you who are using
these methods, are going to be using very low calorie diets at the same
They figure if they can burn more and eat way less, fat loss victory will be
But the truth is, by doing so, you simply cause your metabolism to slow
to a crawl. Any time you reduce your calorie intake too much, the body
goes into starvation mode and will conserve as much food as it possibly
can in order to provide fuel for energy.
So while you may think you’re doing yourself a favor by taking your
calorie intake way down, you’re just encouraging your body to hold onto
its body fat.
Now if you couple this scientific fact with all that cardio training, you will
definitely have a very big problem on your hands in terms of your body
composition and your approach to fat loss.
The ‘Bulk’ Factor
Another important thing I want you to know right now is that you are not
ever going to get ‘bulky’ by doing strength based exercises or
bodyweight exercises.
Far too many women think they’ll turn into the hulk overnight if they so
much as pick up a weight heavier than 10 pounds.
This simply won’t happen for a few different reasons.
First, you don’t possess the hormones to make this possible. In order to
develop a high amount of muscle bulk, you need a high level of
Women simply do not have this level of testosterone, therefore you will
not see extreme amounts of muscle growth.
Second, in order to build that much muscle, you also need a high intake
of calories.
Once again, most women aren’t even eating enough calories to maintain
their weight, they are just training the wrong way. So they should never
worry about building high amounts of muscle tissue. It’s just not going to
Finally, building muscle to that degree is going to take a whole lot of time
and effort.
We’re talking years.
And this would be assuming you had higher levels of testosterone
present and also were using that higher calorie intake, both of which you
So is it possible that you’ll get big and bulky if you do strength training?
Clearly you won’t, so you need to put this notion out of your mind.
You now have some important insight into the primary areas where
women are going wrong with their approach.
They’re doing way too much cardio training, using way too low of a
calorie intake, and they are also not pushing themselves in the right
manner, over the right time sequenced intervals, or doing bodyweight
strength oriented workout sessions.
…but that is all about to change.
When you learn the proper way to conduct your training, you are going to
quickly come to find out what you need for success if you want to forge
your way forward. When you’re finished implementing these changes,
your workout is going to look entirely different. By this I mean, short
quick and intense in as little as 4, 12 and 18 minute sessions.
Let’s show you the superior method.
The Power Of Intensity
When it comes to rapidly changing your body and burning up body fat at
the fastest rate you possibly can, intensity needs to be the name of your
Intense workouts will cause a number of benefits to occur.
These include:
 Increased metabolic rate creating the Xcelerate Effect for 38 hours
 Increased fat oxidation
 Improved cardiovascular fitness
 Improved strength generation capacity
 Increased insulin sensitivity
 Improved energy
 Low time commitment
Let’s look at each one of these individually so that you can see what
they’re all about.
The Math and an Increased Metabolic Rate
Potentially the greatest benefit that you will get from taking your
bodyweight workouts, or any workout, to a more intense level is the
increase to your metabolism.
Your metabolism is what essentially determines how much energy your
body uses on a day to day basis at rest.
Those who have a fast metabolism tend to burn fuel quickly, even if they
aren’t all that active, while those who have a much slower metabolism
burn fuel sluggishly, often suffering from weight problems as a result.
The faster your metabolism is, the easier it is going to be for you to lose
weight since your body will burn more fat at rest – even while you are
When you push your body extremely hard, such as you will do during
those high intensity exercise sessions, you are taking it greatly out of its
comfort zone and will cause a process called EPOC to occur, which is the
foundation for our patently unique Xcelerate Effect.
This process, defined as excess post exercise oxygen consumption,
represents the increased amount of oxygen intake after an exercise
session occurs to help replace the oxygen deficit that occurred during the
session. Here is the math - a/a * 100 = X . This means using your
aerobic and anaerobic system in 100 % balance to create an accelerated
efficient metabolism.
When there is a very strong EPOC created during a workout session, this
is going to elevate the consumption of fuel in the period after, along with
the increase in fatty acid release into the blood stream.
Therefore, by using more intense workouts you create an acceleration
effect. You are going to see enhanced burning of fat as a fuel source after
the workout session is completed.
It’s important to note the differences in fuel substrates during and after
the workout.
During a short and intense workout session, your body will actually be
using glucose as the primary fuel source.
Muscular contractions can only take place when high amounts of glucose
are present, so this is the fuel source that is required to perform. Body fat
cannot break down fast enough to provide fuel for the muscle tissues,
therefore it’s not an option.
But after the workout, that is where fat usage increases. The EPOC
principle begins to work in the body and increased fatty acids release
from the stores, which are then burned off as fuel.
So basically with intense workout sessions, you burn carbs as energy
during the session and fats as energy afterwards.
If you can increase your rate of fat burning after the session for 36 hours,
you can imagine what type of impact this is going to have on your rate of
weight loss. This is precisely what the Xcelerate Effect is about.
Accelerating your metabolism for rapid fat loss
One study that was published by the European Journal of Applied
Physiology noted that when subjects performed intense resistance
exercise, including bodyweight resistance, the increase calorie burn after
the session was most noticeable for the first three hours, then slowly
decreased after that but did stay elevated above baseline for a period of
up to 38 hours.
The unique workouts we have created instantly create this Xcelerate
Effect and they are so short you can do them every day. But if you can’t
do them every day and follow the the system you should try to do your
intense workout sessions every other day (so 48 hours between them),
you will virtually be maintaining a metabolism that is higher than normal
at all times.
Doesn’t this sound better than hours spent on the cardio machines and
some starvation diet plan?
This is quite simply the most powerful way to see fat loss success.
Improved Fat Oxidation
Improved fat oxidation rates go hand in hand with the Xcelerate concept
just discussed. Basically, your body will be more primed to burn up fatty
acids all throughout the day.
Not only this, but you’ll have an increased ability to tap into body fat
stores and use that fuel for energy when in periods of lower activity –
such as while sitting at your desk, walking to the restaurant you frequent
for lunch, and so on.
The more you train your body using our short but high intensity exercise
methods, the more this ability is enhanced and your body can easily burn
fat 24/7.
This also comes with the added benefit of preserving muscle glycogen for
use during the intense exercise sessions that you perform.
If you aren’t using glucose as a primary energy source when you don’t
have to, because your body is more trained to be using fats as a fuel
source, it means that glucose will be better conserved for when it’s really
What this really means is that you won’t have to eat as many
carbohydrates in your diet on a daily basis to maintain good workout
While there is no need to ever cut carbohydrates out of your diet plan
entirely – it’s all about making smart choices and eating the right
amounts. Lower carbohydrate diets do definitely hold many benefits as
far as fat loss is concerned.
Improved Cardiovascular Fitness
The next huge benefit of using the short but intense workouts in this
system is that you will see your cardiovascular fitness level improve
Any time you push yourself to the limit and force your body to work in an
anaerobic manner (which means without oxygen), your heart is going to
become much stronger and better equipped to pump blood all
throughout the tissues in the body.
This puts you in far better physical shape for any activities that you’re
doing, not just in relation to the workouts being performed.
You will get in far better shape using short but intense workouts than you
ever would spending hours and hours on the cardio machines at a
moderate paced intensity, so it’s a much better way to boost your fitness
You’ll experience enhancements in both your high intensity cardio
performance (short sustained capabilities), as well as your ability to
sustain exercise for a longer period of time if you have to (endurance
Improved Strength Generation Capacity
Now, when it comes to the actual workout sessions themselves, you want
to create the short duration, intense exercise by using bodyweight
strength based movements.
Why do this?
First, because these type of movements are going to require more total
muscle fiber activation.
And, the more muscle fibers you have working in each and every
movement pattern you make, the more calories and fat you are going to
Furthermore, bodyweight strength based movements are going to be
better for reshaping your body and adding muscle definition, giving you
that ultra-fit appearance that you’re going for.
The key is to use bodyweight exercises since these are going to get your
heart rate up much higher and enable you to perform a higher rep range
to get the most optimal metabolic benefits.
While heavy weight lifting is good, if you are doing sets of 6-8, you aren’t
performing that exercise for very long at all and you won’t create the
Xcelerate Effect.
With intense body weight movements, the set can last for a slightly
longer period of time, allowing for greater cardiovascular benefits as well
as the Xcelerate effect by creating the EPOC response.
Furthermore, bodyweight exercises are great since they require no
equipment, so you can do your workouts anywhere you happen to be –
no gym required.
For many people, having access to a gym is a limiting factor and can be
the reason why they don’t get results with their fitness goals, so using
bodyweight exercises takes this problem out of the equation instantly.
Increased Insulin Sensitivity
Another really powerful benefit that you’ll get when you are doing
bodyweight intense workouts is that you will see a change in your insulin
This is defined as how well your body is able to utilize glucose
(carbohydrates) when they are consumed.
Those who have good insulin sensitivity are able to tolerate glucose well
and will shuttle the glucose molecules off to the muscles for muscle
glycogen storage.
This is also going to be very beneficial for anyone who wants to be
building more lean muscle mass on their body as well. When you can
boost your insulin sensitivity, you will start to see accelerated rates of
lean muscle growth if feeding your body adequate amounts of
carbohydrate. Your body will immediately begin to take in the
carbohydrate, moving it straight into the muscle cells where it will be
used to fuel the growth and development process.
Those who don’t have good insulin sensitivity and use a higher calorie
diet for muscle building means will see fat gain rather than lean mass
gain, so this will definitely not help you attain the body that you were
going for.
Regardless of your goal, having good insulin sensitivity is a very good
thing as far as staying leaner over the long haul goes.
Additionally, those who have poor insulin sensitivity are not going to
tolerate glucose well at all. Instead you are going to experience very high
levels of blood sugar after eating carbs which releases huge amounts of
insulin to try and control it which causes your body to move glucose
straight into your fat cells for storage.
As a result, you store excess body fat and then suffer a blood glucose
crash, which only makes you crave more carbs. There is no more vicious
and destructive a cycle to you and your efforts.
It’s a nasty cycle to get into and one that quite honestly, can really put
you at risk for a high level of fat gain.
Furthermore, it can also lead to diabetes if it’s serious enough, so
definitely not something to take lightly. Your body has to pump out more
and more insulin to control the rising blood glucose levels that are being
created, eventually your pancreas can burn out, causing a very serious
condition to set in.
This is easily avoided in as little as 4, 12 and 18 minute short but intense
bodyweight training helps you avoid this vicious cycle and risk of
Increased Energy
One thing that you are going to notice as you begin to train with our
system, is the massive increase in energy that you will feel.
Sure, when you first finish one you are going to be drained and
exhausted (yes even after the 4 minute ones), but you will quickly bounce
back and you’ll find that you have far more energy as you go about the
rest of your day.
And, as you get more and more conditioned in the system, the workouts
won’t take as much out of you and you’ll easily get them done and then
feel an instant boost for the hours to come. Then you can begin to turn
your increased energy into more effort during your bodyweight training
sessions and it will exponentially improve your results.
Contrast that with long cardio workouts that leave you feeling more ready
for bed than anything once they’re done. It is not hard to quickly see the
The more energy you have on a day to day basis, the more additional
movement you’ll do during the day. This increased movement will up
your daily calorie burn and make the rate of fat loss increase that much
faster as well.
A short and intense workout system is a win-win scenario.
Low Time Commitment
Finally, the last benefit that short, yet highly intense workouts are going
to provide is just that – they’re short.
You can get in and out in a matter of minutes. If you’re someone who has
a busy schedule and is constantly feeling pressed for time, it’s going to
be critically important that you are working within an effective training
system that will work with your time schedule.
If you put yourself on a workout program that you know ahead of time
would be next to impossible for you to maintain, you’re virtually setting
yourself up to fail.
Remember that a workout is only as good as the effort you put in. If your
workouts don’t work with your lifestyle, it doesn’t matter how good they
are, you aren’t going to see results.
Fortunately, with the intense exercise protocol, your workouts will take as
little as 4 minutes up to around 18 minutes and you’ll be seeing fantastic
We have created this patently unique system so everyone should be able
to spare this amount of time for working on getting into shape,
improving their health, and looking better is important to them.
So as you can see, short and intense exercise is simply the way to go.
When you can structure your workouts where you are doing one exercise
at a high intensity for a brief period of time, resting, and then repeating
the process over again, you will make dramatic improvements to your
physical form, appearance and daily life.
Sticking With It
Finally, one last component to this discussion. I want to talk a little more
about the whole motivational side of things. If you want to see the
absolute best results possible with any system you begin, it’s going to be
imperative that you figure out how to keep your motivation high at all
times so that you do stay the course and stick to the system.
One of the best ways that you can do this is by harnessing the power of
the law of attraction through vision and action.
What’s that?
The law of attraction is the belief that like attracts like, so if you can
focus on your positive thoughts and feelings, you can bring about more
positivity in your own life.
So for example, using a vision board, which is something that we will
show you how to do, can be one of the best methods in which you can
make sure you maintain your motivation at all times.
When you use this vision board and ‘see’ yourself having the success that
you desire, you can better make that success become your new reality.
The Law of Attraction is based around an entire mental attitude that you
should be aiming to maintain at all times as you work yourself through
the system we have created for you.
By changing the structure and your way of thinking, you can position
yourself to better reach your goals in all areas of your life, not just with
your weight loss and fitness efforts.
The more you can incorporate the power of the Law Of Attraction
philosophy into your life, the more in control over your life you will feel
and all the circumstances you may encounter. You’ll naturally maintain a
better mindset going forward, despite any set-backs you may face, and
will be able to see a clear path of direction to over-come these issues.
Since you’ll already be setting yourself up for success using the smarter
workout system which is going to bring you top-level results, you’ll be
more motivated to continue. Then when you add the benefit you’ll get
from using the Law of Attraction, you should have no motivational issues
at all. We support you in this endeavour through the power of our App
called MotiVision.
MotiVision uses the power of the Law of Attraction through the creation
of Vision Boards. We also have integrated the ability for you to leave
yourself positive notes and images. There is a built in timer as well as
new videos which are populated in the app when we release them.
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They Want You to Stay Fat So You Buy Their Stuff!
You see, every single day you're getting misleading information about
diets, pills, crazy workouts… the list goes on and on. Money-hungry
corporations are feeding off your desire to lose weight.
The fat loss industry is a BILLION dollar industry. The only problem is,
people are getting fatter and so are the diet and exercise equipment
companies’ wallets.
That's why these BIG diet companies looking to sell you a pill or magic
diet will NEVER tell you the truth.
But here it is…The Truth About Diets
Australian researchers at the University of Melbourne conducted a
ground breaking study that was published in The New England Journal
of Medicine in 2011.
The study showed Peptide YY – a hormone that’s involved in
suppressing hunger was down… and leptin – another hormone that
suppresses hunger and can boost metabolism – was also down. This
scary stuff when you are working hard to lose weight
That’s not even the worst part... how about the fact that these
hormonal changes remained, even a year later!
When your calories per day dip to low or you skip meals your body
starts assuming that food is scarce and slows your metabolism to hold
onto previous calories. This is going to completely undo everything
you are working hard to achieve.
In other words, you are becoming a “skinny fat person”. This muscle
mass is extremely important as it burns calories 24/7.
All this bad information and poor advice is the real reason why you're
overweight, out of shape, and don't have the body you truly want.
So please, STOP beating yourself up. You've never been able to learn
the truth about losing fat... because NO ONE WILL SHOW YOU.
That is, until now…
The simple fat loss secret you're about to learn will actually force your
body to burn more fat and calories all day long… just like they did for
If you are continuously wondering why you don’t look like the lean and
toned women you see at the gym or in the grocery store, well it’s
because you don’t know the secret they know, the one they keep
closely guarded and seems like they never truly let you in on.
I remember the first time I saw Susan after she lost those 35 pounds.
She looked leaner and slimmer than I’ve ever seen her. I hadn't seen
her in a couple of months and when we got together to catch up… I
didn't even recognize her!
Now, you have to understand… I've known Susan almost my entire life.
We went to school together and she's always had a problem with her
weight. It's not that she was lazy or that she ate a lot. She just didn't
have the best genetics.
So she wore baggy clothes to hide her body. She used to tell me that
being overweight made her feel so angry, irritable, and depressed…
like a prisoner in her own body.
But the day I met her at the coffee shop… she was wearing a tight pair
of designer jeans with a top that showed off her tight, firm waistline.
The same waistline where she used to carry rolls of belly fat!
She Looked Like a Different Person!
She had a slim and slender body… gone were those rolls of flab… and
in there place was a lean, sexy waistline and flat stomach. Susan told
me that she has never felt better.
She said her self-esteem and self-confidence improved by leaps and
bounds when she lost all the weight.
She was no longer embarrassed when she went to the beach or pool
and she could wear whatever she wanted. She said she felt happy, selfconfident and FANTASTIC!
I asked her how she transformed her body so quickly after struggling
with her weight for so many years.
She said the biggest change she made was that she had experimented
at home with some short, intense exercises and a whole new way of
eating. She was blown away by how little time it actually took her to
get in amazing shape.
She said because she was so busy with kids, her family, her career, and
other errands… she simply didn’t have much time to work out. So she
tried out a ton of different things and noticed a few of them worked
like magic.
There was no doubt she was on to something. She was lean, toned and
had the flat, sexy belly everyone dreams of. I could see that she had
the results to prove it and that she knew what she was talking about.
She told me that an average person's "fat loss plan" includes long,
slow, boring cardio like jogging or cardio machines.
This is Actually the Worst Way to Lose Fat!
Susan explained that long, slow cardio sessions are actually one of the
WORST ways to burn off fat because they're not intense enough to put
your kick your body into fat-burning mode.
Unless you are training for a marathon (which I highly recommend
avoiding..more on that later) you SHOULD NOT be doing extensively
long cardio workouts.
Not only that, but Susan had figured out if you do too much exercise
too often… you'll cause your body to secrete hormones that cause you
Susan told me she stumbled upon a much better way to shed fat
quickly… and one in which you never again suffer through a boring
cardio routine.
She said that if you want to burn fat in the shortest time possible, you
need to gain some lean, toned muscle. She said muscles require lots of
energy to maintain them.
Your Body Gets This Energy by Burning Body Fat!
Susan said the more lean muscle you have, the more fat you burn…
even when resting!
Susan told me about 12-minute "short-burst workouts" that you can
do in the comfort of your own home… with no equipment needed.
You can burn an extra 900 calories while doing absolutely nothing…
She said these short, intense workouts burn even the most stubborn
body fat from your belly, hips, thighs, back, arms, and everywhere in
They do it by boosting your body's metabolism and natural fatburning hormones… while minimizing fat-storing hormones which
long cardio sessions increase!
So after your workouts… your body burns fat at an increased rate all
day long… even while you're sitting on the couch!
What’s more, Susan told me that you didn’t need expensive gym
memberships, any cardio machines, home gym equipment, or long
marathon training sessions.
All you use in your body’s own weight… and that gives you enough
resistance to build lean muscle and burn off fat.
When you use these effective short-burst fat-burning workouts
instead of long, slow cardio sessions… you get more results in less
In an as little as 12 minutes a day at home (sometimes even less)…
just a few times a week… Susan said you can lose a bunch of fat and
get that lean, sexy body that helps you feel good about yourself.
Instead of using the typical long, boring cardio methods most people
use… the short-burst bodyweight exercises Susan used will rev up
your metabolism so fast… it literally starts burning calories ALL DAY.
Introducing Totality A2X…
The Totality A2X System will create the body you want in less time
than you thought possible.
It’s a complete 3-phase 90 day program using workouts that take
around 12 minutes. What’s more, these are body weight workouts that
can be done at home.
It uses a synergistic approach which aligns your body’s system to work
in balance to ignite your metabolic furnace and create a fat-burning
effect inside your body… allowing you to burn 250% more calories
every day through the secret of the Xcelerate Effect.
And the proven short-burst workouts that FORCE your body to burn
fat all day long and Xcelerate your results.. even while you're just
sitting on the couch! You can use these techniques to get the toned,
sexy body you want.
By making some quick and easy changes in the way you move and
eat… you increase your metabolic furnace and blast off unwanted fat!
Why Totality A2X Works Better than Anything Else To Create Rapid
It Can Even Reverse The Aging Process!
The science doesn’t stretch the truth. The Xcelerate Effect is based on
studies completed by the American College of Sports Medicine in
A2X is Efficient
At the American Sport Medicine Annual Meeting researchers presented
evidence which showed Short Burst workouts over a 2 Week period are
more effective than 6-8 weeks of any type of endurance training
program.... A.K.A - Boring Cardio!
You Burn More Fat with A2X
The Xcelerate effect works like this. The short but intense workouts
cause your body’s repair cycle to kick into massive hyper drive which
continues fat burning for a full 24 hour period. This accelerates your
results... especially when compared to an extensive cardio program
which can actually cause you to eat more.
A2X Can Improve Heart Health
In 2006 The Journal of Physiology (revised June 29, 2006) reported
short interval training can improve your hearts performance when
compared extensive interval training. The short burst workouts
outperformed long endurance workouts.
NO Equipment required with A2X
High knees, plyometric exercises, lunges and a few other patently
unique moves in the A2X program will get your heart pumping. All
exercises which you can do in the comfort of your own home.
A2X will ensure you lose fat...Not your beautiful lean muscle
The Big Diet companies haven’t told you that you will likely lose the
most important resource you have while dieting... That resource is lean
muscle and the secret key to the Xcelerate Effect. A2X will preserve
your hard earned muscle so you burn the fat all day long.
A2X will make you younger inside out
There is a magical action that takes place when you train using A2X
which is the stimulation of a hormone called HGH by as much as 450%!
What you might not know is HGH is responsible for a massive increase
in the process of burning calories but it also slows down the aging
process. Now that’s truly amazing.
Don’t be confused by what’s out there.
There are a number of programs out there which talk about “muscle
confusion” and “inverted intervals” . We use a perfectly structured
system for optimal results.
Other types of programs can produce results initially but your body
quickly adapts and gets used to what you’re doing. In other words, all
results will come to a screeching halt
Totality A2X- Lose Fat and Inches with 12 minute Bodyweight
Workouts You Can Do At Home!
Totality A2X is all about balancing your Aerobic/Anaerobic systems
(A2) which puts your body into hyperdrive throughout the entire day.
That’s right, the balancing of your Aerobic and Anaerobic systems
create the Xcelerate (X) effect which is the secret to the system.
When you start using our patently unique methods of movement and
combine them with the scientifically proven effectiveness of
bodyweight training, plyometrics, and high intensity training… your
body will continuously burn off fat, getting you lean in the process.
These principles are tested and proven to work not just by Susan, but
also by thousands of women all over the world.
You'll look and feel sexier than ever before… you'll get a flat, firm
stomach… eliminate rolls of flab forever and boost your confidence.
And you'll do it all without home gym equipment or bulky cardio
machines… and without bogus diet pills or fad diets.
I'll take you inside the program in just a minute… but first I wanted to
let you hear what kind of results other people have seen by using this
When there are SO many hyped-up exercise programs… all claiming
they can help you get in shape… you can never get enough proof.
Because results are results. That's what really counts, right?
Imagine How You’ll Feel After Losing The Unwanted Fat From Your
Belly, Hips, Waist, Buns, and Thighs!
Imagine how sexy you’ll look and feel!
You’ll finally be able to fit into those skinny jeans again. I’ve seen this
program do AMAZING things for many women just like you.
I don’t care how much fat you have to lose! This program WORKS. And
it will work for YOU too!
Whether you want to lose dress sizes and un-needed pounds… so you
can increase your self-esteem… this will do it.
And not only will it boost your confidence, you’ll feel proud when
you’re walking the beach in the summer.
Even if you’ve struggled with your weight for a while, or if you’ve used
diet pills, or other extreme forms of weight loss… this program will
help you melt off the pounds and the inches!
You’ll never believe that just 12 minutes a day can help you melt off
the fat and keep the pounds off!
So if you’re one of today’s busy women and you think you have no
time to do anything to get in shape, this is made for you. As so many
women already have… you can slim down, drop pounds and waist
sizes, and no longer feel self-conscious.
Best of all, you won’t have to feel so insecure because you won’t have
to go to the gym and worry about people staring at you. Now you can
use in-home workouts to finally get the results that will have you
feeling great.
This program will give you the EXACT STEPS you need to know to lose
all the fat you want to lose… as quickly and easily as possible.
A Community To Challenge You and Get Results
When you make the choice to take control and let Totality A2X guide
you achieving the healthy fit body you want…You also become a
member of our Ripped Nation, a group of over 2000 committed
A community that works together to promote success for everyone.
The Ripped Nation genuinely cares about your success because it is
together that we overcome barriers. Everyone knows in order to get
where you want to go in life…it is important to also help others get
where they want to go.
The community also likes to challenge eachother and push eachother
to work toward total transformation of your body. You will receive
information and fun challenges in addition to all of the information
contained in your program. Take a look at this little 12 minute
challenge we put out to Ripped Nation Members.
Take a Minute to Daydream…
Imagine just weeks from now… fitting into clothes that show off your
body… NOT hide it. Wearing the things you absolutely love and have
been longing to get back into. Close your eyes and actually imagine
how you will feel.
Feeling more confident, more attractive, having a lot more selfesteem. You're no longer embarrassed or ashamed of wearing a twopiece bikini on the beach. Enjoying your family and all of the things
you will be doing together.
You’ll be walking the sand with a new feeling of pride and confidence,
showing off a new slim and slender body… turning heads as you go.
You'll feel SO proud of the way you look. No longer feeling insecure…
you're feeling LESS stressed and self-conscious about how you look.
Your energy levels are going to be higher than you have felt since your
high school years. You will no longer feel the sensation of continuous
exhaustion but a renewed energy and outlook on your life with your
friends and family.
You’ll Feel More Confident and Attractive When You Have the Lean,
Sexy Body You Want
No more jiggly arms or flabby belly. You’ll make your backside your
best side and reshape your entire body in less time!
In 4 weeks or less, you’ll notice a change! A smaller waistline, reduced
hips, thinner thighs.
You can use this program to drop 5, 10, 20 pounds and more. I
guarantee this is the fat loss program you've been looking for.
Bottom line, gives you the formula that tells you exactly how to burn
the most fat in the shortest time possible.
Here's What You Get When You Sign Up…
Totality A2X starts with 90 days of fat burning workouts. Each week is
a completely new workout so your body continues to melt fat every
Nearly all exercises use your body weight so you don’t need expensive
equipment. If you don’t have a gym membership or want to work out
at home, this is perfect.
You’ll learn short, intense, effective workouts that get your body
burning off fat all day long. In short, intense sessions… you’ll raise
your heart rate and metabolism… so your body starts burning off fat
all day long.
Short bursts of exercise have been shown to burn an extra 937
calories a day and boost your metabolism by 497%… helping you lose
inches and pounds faster and easier!
How About Burning More Fat than Jogging 12 Miles per Week in 12
Minutes or Less!
Again, Totality A2X is a 3-phase program utilizing patently unique
moves which balances your system and creates the Xcelerate Effect. An
effect so powerful, if you follow the program, it will keep your body
burning calories all day long
Phase 1 is the Momentum phase… which is a 7-day rapid start phase
where you blast off from the starting line and gather enough
momentum to keep moving forward.
Phase 2 is the Catalyst phase… which is your 21 Day Rapid Fat loss
This is where you’ll really start to see the fat just come off your body.
In just 21 short days, you’ll get the lean, toned, tight body you want.
This phase takes you from the 7-day Momentum starting phase and
gets you moving towards the body you want.
Last but not least is Phase 3… the Perform phase… and this is where it
all comes together. By the time you’re finished the 3rd phase… you
won’t even believe your results when you look in the mirror. Gone are
the rolls of flab you hated… and instead, you’re looking at the lean,
toned, hard body you want!
Bottom line… this fat loss program includes the exact same fatburning workouts and nutrition tips that Susan used to drop over 35
pounds… without all the long, boring cardio sessions.
You can use this program to make a fast and fabulous change in how
you look and feel.You’ll lose unwanted fat and sculpt a lean, hot
body… faster and easier than ever!
And you’ll soon see and feel a difference in your body you never
thought was possible.
Even if you've tried everything and failed… you'll finally have the
fastest and easiest way to speed up your fat loss… cutting out the trial
and error.
It’s the Fastest and Easiest Way to Lose Fat…Period
No need for starvations diets and no need for long, boring cardio.
You'll move your body for 12 minutes, just a few days a week. If you're
usually too busy, on the go and you don't have a lot of time… now you
can do it in less time.
Whether you need to lose just 10 pounds or you want to lose 60
pounds… you’ll set up your metabolism so it becomes a fat-burning
machine that burns off calories and fat…. no matter if you're resting,
sleeping, or awake!
This fat loss program is so fast and simple… just a few quick and easy
changes to your daily routine will have you working WITH your body's
natural ability to lose your stubborn fat and get the lean, slim and sexy
look you'll keep for the rest of your life.
When you drop the diets, the pills, the long boring cardio, the lowcarb craze… and start to use these techniques…you'll melt off a ton of
unwanted fat from your belly, hips, buns, and anywhere else you want
to lose it!
It's amazing when your belly fat is gone and your stomach is finally
flat. When you've got that lean, sexy muscle instead of ugly fat… your
self-image and confidence just takes off.
Finally Get the Sexy, Hot Body You Want…
No more worrying or stressing about how you look when walking the
You'll never be embarrassed to wear a sexy two-piece bikini. You'll
feel sexy and attractive when walking the sand…you’ll have a new
feeling of pride and confidence. Showing off your new hot body and
turning heads as you go.
As you're getting in shape and losing fat, you're dropping those jean
sizes quicker and easier than ever. You’ll finally be able to fit into
those skinny jeans.
You'll look fantastic in anything you wear… whether it's your work
clothes or a sexy dress you slip into for a night on the town.
And believe me; you really can go from hiding under those big, baggy
clothes… to wearing that sexy two-piece swimsuit at the beach… …
walking the sand with a new feeling of pride and confidence and
turning heads as you go.
I know because Susan did it… and thousands of women have done it.
Now it's your turn.
How Much Does this Program Cost?
Now, if you went to see a personal trainer, you’d pay $50 an hour to
get in shape. If you trained for just 3 hours a week, that’s $600 a
But here's the deal… You're NOT going to pay $600. You won't even
pay half of that. In fact, you won’t even pay the $50 it costs for just a
1-hour training session.
Even at night, after dinner when the kids are busy with homework…
you can take 12 minutes to use these fast workouts.
And in just minutes… you’ll be done! In a few short weeks… you’ll
start to notice the weight just falling off.
For a limited time only and only through this webpage right now…
you’ll get it all…the entire program… for just $47.00!
Can you believe that? That's less than what most trainers charge for an
hour of personal training! And you can get it all right now.
ORDER NOW And You'll Also Receive These
4 Bonus Gifts, Worth AT LEAST $99.80, Absolutely Free!
Bonus #1: Bangin Butt ($29.95 value)
Here’s where you’ll add those luscious curves and get that bodacious
booty you want!
Nothing will make you prouder than slipping into your favorite jeans
and feeling great about your nice, toned, lifted butt!
· This bonus report shows you exactly what you need to do to
build up that nice round, perky behind that can drive guys wild
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Bonus #2: Ripped Abs ($29.95 value)
Here’s where you’ll learn what it takes to lose that belly flab and get
the tight, toned, flat stomach you want to show off at the beach.
This bonus report will show you all the lies and myths about what it
truly takes to get a rock solid midsection… so you can actually spend
your time on what works to get abs.
Just 30 days and you’ll have a tighter tummy!
Bonus #3: Motivision App ($9.95 value)
In addition to these unique exercises… we will show you how to use
our MotiVision App to achieve all of your fat loss goals.
This incredibly powerful and unique app will show you how to use the
Law of Attraction to bring all your life’s goals into reach for you.
Bonus #4: Ripped Nation Membership ($29.95 value)
In addition, you’ll be given total access to the exclusive members-area
called the Ripped Nation – where you get exclusive access to additional
workouts which others will not be able to see or have access to.
These are follow along workouts to support each phase of the
program. If you order now, you’ll be given complete and total access
to the exclusive members area.
You’ll be able to talk to and share success stories with over 2800 other
people just like you working toward success.
I don't want you to risk anything…Here IsThe BodyRipped A2X 100%
Money Back Guarantee
You can take a full 60 days to check this out and watch as your belly
gets firmer and flatter and your fat disappears, week after week.
And if for ANY reason you're not completely blown away by the
amount of body fat that melts off your stomach, thighs, arms, and
everywhere in between, you’ll get 100% of your money back, no
questions asked, no hassles, and no hard feelings.
Even if you do decide it's not for you right now, I am so confident in
the power of A2X and your ability to utilize the Xcelerate Effect to
achieve results, I am certain you will come back.
I guess what I'm saying is… don't decide now if this program is for
Just get it and try it out. If you don't lose more unwanted fat… if you're
not thrilled with what the program has done for you… I'll refund 100%
of your purchase price.
That's more than a guarantee, that's a personal promise.
For less than a cup of coffee a day for the next 30 days… you can get
the lean, sexy flat stomach you've always wanted.
Listen, you’re at a turning point where your dreams of having the sexy,
attractive body you want can come true. For an incredibly easy way to
lose fat, without restrictive dieting or a ton of exercise… here’s your
The best part is… you can get your hands on this entire program in
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You Only Have 2 Choices…
Let’s be honest, if you don’t change what it is you’re doing now…
where will you be in a month or 2 from now?
You'll look and FEEL the same as you do now! And I'm sure that’s not
what you want, right?
Or… this can be the turning point in your life where you decide that
you’re going to transform your body like so many other women have.
If you feel that a new body and a fresh start is what you need… then
it's time to do something.
Your new body will give you that boost in happiness and confidence
you need to feel great about yourself. When you're happy and
confident with yourself… you just feel a WHOLE lot better.
And you know something… you deserve this. It's important that
YOU'RE happy! You'll feel like a giant weight has been lifted off your
All you need to do is take the next step and click the order button
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Change Your Body And Your Life
All you need to do right now is take the next step and click the button
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35 pounds.
P.S. And remember, you’ve got NOTHING to lose except pounds of
ugly fat off your body! You’ve got a full 60 days to put this fat-burning
system to the test. If you don't lose all the fat you want, I'll gladly give
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Despite being busy, running around after her family she was able to
lose 35 pounds and change her life!
Now, you can see all the many benefits of our system which focuses on
short but high intensity bodyweight focused workouts. There is simply no
better way to train your body for optimal fat loss as well as to ensure that
you are making the most overall improvements to your health and fitness
Bodyweight workouts are fast and convenient, so regardless of whether
you are young or old, male or female, fit or unfit, they can work for you.
When you finally transition to this revolutionary form of exercise and see
the benefits it will create for you, you will never again want to do those
lengthy gym workouts. These are the workouts of the past, no more
spending hour after hour on the treadmill with no results to show for it.
There really is a better way.
So open your mind and get started on a better and faster path for optimal
success. BodyRipped Totality A2X is about real people like you, getting
real results.
McBride, JM. Et al. (2002). Effect of an acute period of resistance exercise
on excess post-exercise oxygen consumption: implications for body
mass management. European Journal of Applied Physiology. Mar;86(5):