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Jinhao Machinery Profile

Shaoxing Jinhao Machinery CO.,LTD
Shaoxing Jinhao Machinery Co..Ltd. is located in the textile market in Asia China Keqiao
Textile City, she has more than 40000 square meter land and more than 800 workers. It is
specialization knitting machines manufacturers in China. Supplying automatic and
computerized glove and sock knitting machine, and flat knitting machine, seamless
underwear knitting machine. Our lines feature simple operation, high outputs, and low
labor intensity.
Specializing in equipment for knitting work gloves, magic gloves and all kinds of socks,
sweaters and seamless underwear, our products have proven popular among clients
throughout the international market.
We welcome customers at home and abroad to contact us now for business cooperation!
Customization: we have a strong R&D team,and we can always develop and produce
products in accordance with customers’ demands.
Cost: more than 90% of products are manufactured by our factory and sold directly,
cheap and fine.
Quality: we have our own labs, the advanced testing equipment in industry, to ensure
product quality.
Diversity: our products are now covering all kinds of knitting machinery, such as
computerized flat knitting machine, computer glove machine, computer socks machine,
seamless underwear machine, etc. to meet the needs of various industries.
Capacity: the maximum comprehensive capacity of our various types of knitting machine
can reach more than 30 thousands, which can meet the needs of different procurement
Service: we are based in the domestic market and exported overseas. Our products meet
international standards, and are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Russia and
South America and other countries.
Shipment: we are located at the live city Shaoxing in Yangtze River Della, close to
Ningbo port and Shanghai port, both convenient in import and export.
Our product are mainly exported to Russia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Pakistan,
Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, more than ten countries.
Corporate Culture
People oriented, cultural management, technology thrive, brand establishment.
"People-oriented, cultural management, technology societe generale, establish brand" has become the
guideline for the development of the company. The company pays attention to the moral and cultural
education and the value of the employees. Ambition and devotion is the development spirit of the
company. Meanwhile, the company has helped the employees to build up the idea: Enterprise and I must
survive together to mobilize the working enthusiasm.
Face customers with new guise of new system, integrity, flexibility and reality, win
credit from customer with quality, price and service.
Marketing is a management process. A successful business, a successful entrepreneur, has their own
unique marketing ideas and sales model. We need to identify and anticipate customer needs, and then
meet customer needs through a series of research and development, production, sales, customer
service, and in the process of meeting customer demand, ensure that corporate profits.
Contact Details
Shaoxing Jinhao Machinery CO.,LTD
Add:Keyan industrial Area shaoxing county zhejiang province china
Tel: +86-575-84295577 / +86-575-84293373
Fax: +86-575-84293383
E-mail: [email protected]\[email protected]