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Irregular game

The past simple + irregular game
Materials needed
Game board
Yellow difficulty 1 cards
Orange difficulty 2 cards
Green difficulty 3 cards
A pawn
How many steps can I move forward?
Yellow cards: 1 step
Orange cards: 2 steps
Green cards: 3 steps
Rules of the game
1. The youngest player begins and asks the person on the left which colour
card he/she would like to try.
Example: I would like to try a yellow card.
2. The youngest player draws a yellow card and reads the infinitive and the
Dutch version.
Example: to earn – verdienen.
3. The other student has to say the past simple version of the infinitive in a
sentence to move forward.
Example: I earned a lot of money. —> Correct: move forward one step (yellow
Example: I earns a lot of money. —> Wrong: don’t move forward
4. Now the student who answered asks the person next to him/her which colour
card he/she would like to try and the game continuous.