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How To Study

How To Study
1. You can study 3 to 4 hours taking 5 minute breaks, every 25 to 30 30 minutes (until foggy) and
be sure to have some type of reward at the end of each session.
2. Make sure that your study location become unrelatable to any type of pleasures.
3. Study both the fact and the meaning/ function: Make use of deeper processing by not asking
yourself what something is but why and how that something works.
4. Try not to study making new entries but instead try relating new information to information you
already know.
5. Sleep adequately, to efficiently remember.
6. 20% should be studying but the rest should strictly be reciting and teaching . (teach to even an
empty chair)
7. SQ3R: Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review
8. Use Mnemonics: Acronyms, Coin Sayings, Interactive Images ( SanJune, Righty Tighty Lefty
Loosy, (1 gram of fat has 9 cals) Fat Cat has 9 lives)