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Bathroom Acrylic Bathtubs

Bathroom Acrylic Bathtubs Suppliers
Mavaw (Zhejiang) Smart Home Co. Ltd, formerly known as Shaoxing Joyful
Bathroom Co. Ltd, was founded in 2001. It is Located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang
province. Is a China Bathroom Acrylic Bathtubs Suppliers and Bathroom
bathtub manufacturers, We have more than 20 years of development and
export experience, Our wholesale Bathroom Acrylic Bathtubs have passed
CUPC, CE, REACH, and other authority certificates in the industry. We have
a strong R&D team, who develops different collections of products based
on the preferences of different markets. Now the company's brand "MAVAW"
is widely recognized by customers from home and abroad.
Not only do we provide services to many large real estate companies in
China, but our wholesale Bathroom Acrylic Bathtubs and other products are
also exported to more than 100 countries and regions. At present, there
are 7 production lines and work efficiently. The annual output for
different products are: shower enclosures 300,000 pieces, freestanding
bathtubs 60,000 pieces, massage bathtubs 15,000 pieces, and shower panels
30,000 pieces.
Bathtub whole body is reinforced by fiberglass, tub bottom also reinforced
with MDF. After reinforcement, the thickness is 5-8mm. So the bathtub is
very strong and stable!
Hidden drain system: the built in drain pipe can avoid crack or leakage,
and make the pipe more robust and durable!
SS support frame: stainless steel frame at the bathtub bottom