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Turbomachinery bearing

Zhejiang BHS Journal Bearing Co., Ltd.
Gas turbines bearings are often subjected to high loads, high
speeds and high temperatures, especially as capacity and
efficiency demands increase.
To ensure optimum dynamic characteristics in specific
operating conditions, BHS Bearings applies a variety of
specialized design features to bearing solutions.
For medium turbines used plain journal bearing. They may be ring
lubricated sleeve bearings with bronze or Babbitt lining. Both
flooded and force types are employed.
For larger turbines, the radial bearing will be a tilting pad
type. The number of pad per bearing will be selected based on
the weight of the rotor. For these types of bearing forced
lubrication is used.
The thrust bearing is located on the free end of the rotor or
we can say at the steam inlet of the turbine. The axial thrust
force is very small for impulse turbines. This is due to the
presence of pressure equalizing holes in the rotor discs to
balance the thrust force generated across the disc. A simple
thrust bearing such as a radial babbitt facing on journal
bearings are commonly used in small and medium-size turbines.
Tilling pad type thrust bearings are used in the large gas
We provided journal bearing for gas turbine power from