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SIMATIC S7-1200 failsafe starterkit

Starter kit
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Failsafe starter kits
Safety? All built in!
The Basic Controller
for Standard and Safety
SIMATIC S7-1200 Basic Controllers
deliver a convincing performance with
comprehensive technological features
and integrated IOs. They are the intelligent choice for automation tasks in
small projects. SIMATIC S7-1200 CPUs
with Safety Integrated can additionally
assume the monitoring of safety
functions such as protective door
with tumbler. The fail-safe sensors
and actuators are connected by means
of fail-safe signal modules and via
Advantages at a glance
• Optimum integration of safety
functions into the overall sequence
of production processes
• E
fficient engineering in TIA Portal
including simulation
• Increased productivity thanks to
minimized downtimes through
efficient fault diagnostics
• S
avings can be made even with just
a few safety features
• The safety application that is written
on an S7-1200F is 100% portable to
the S7-1500F
Standard controller in combination
with an external Safety Relay Solution
• Complex wiring of the safety function
(for feedback and possible functional dependencies)
• Precision error diagnostics only possible by means of onboard
LEDs, not centrally via HMI panel
• The safety code written in an
S7-1500F can be reused for more
than 80 % in the S7-1200F
• You spare a lot of time by storing your
safety program in a common library
Thanks to profisafe, we can also extend
the S7-1200F with a lot of intelligent
devices (Laser Scanner, Failsafe Mobile
Panels, Sinamics drives) and use all their
safety functions (from Safe Stop to Safe
limited Speed, Safe position…) sparing
a lot of material and cabling.
Thanks to failsafe communication, the
S7-1200F can be easily integrated in a
more sophisticated architecture sparing
a lot of wiring and communication
programming effort.
Safety Integrated Solution with a fail-safe S7-1200 controller
• Reduced wiring effort:
All information (e.g. signal states and diagnoses) is already
available in the system
• Efficient error diagnostics centrally on an HMI panel
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Starter Kit
6ES7 212-1HF41-4YB0
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€ 649,00
SIMATIC S7-1200 Fail-safe Starter Kit
CPU 1212FC DC / DC / RLY
• Digital input simulator
• SM 1226 F-DI
• SM 1226 F-DQ
• SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic and
STEP 7 Safety Basic in the TIA Portal
• IE TP cord 2 m
• Documentation collection on CD
• and more ...
SIMATIC S7-1200 Fail-safe Upgrade package
• Digital input simulator
• SM 1226 F-DI
• SM 1226 F-DQ
• STEP 7 Basic Safety
• IE TP cord 2 m
• Documentation collection on CD
• and more ...
6ES7 212-1HF42-4YB0
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For more technical details : www.siemens.com/simatic-safety
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