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Blow Moulding from Taizhou Booling Mould Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Booling Mould Co., Ltd.
Taizhou Booling Mould Co., Ltd. is a professional Manufacturing &
Trading company that produces and deals with various injection mould,
blow mould and plastic machinery,etc
Meanwhile, long-term cooperative relationship has been established
with lots of leading domestic factories.
In the spirit of high quality, attractive price, prompt shipment, our
products have been exported to a extended market of East Europe,
Middle Asia, South America, Middle east, Africa.
Our company promise to provide superb quality and after-sale service,
and is very pleased with customized orders.
Our Hot Sale Blow Moulding
Precision Melt blown Nonwovens Mould
The melt blown die head is the core hardware of the melt blown fabric
production line. Booling Mould offers superior melt blown non-woven
dies for the standard cloth width from 800 to 2400 mm, which we
named our mould as from Booling- 800 to Booling-2400. To meet the
urgent and abundant need, Booling Mould helps to provide them with
the shortest delivery time, it thanks to our strong tooling ability, and
rigorous melt blown process analysis, die design demonstration! Booling
Mould provides custom solution for making melt blown dies met your
The quality characteristics of Booling melt blown fabric mould:
Perfect Mold Design A good melt blown cloth mold comes from a good
design. During the design, Booling team conducted in-depth evaluation
on the mold structure, processing technology, melt flow balance analysis,
air knife flow angle and balance analysis, temperature control balance
and internal pressure analysis, so as to ensure the perfection of mold
Rigorous Dimensions Control
Based on Booling's strong tooling ability, according to the process
requirements of the mould components, we control the dimensions
tolerance on each part of the melt blown mold.
Strict Steel Selection
According to the characteristics of the meltblown forming process and
the properties of the steel material, a reasonable treatment method of
the steel material is adopted to ensure the best performance of the steel
High Polish 90 Liter Gum Mantos Commercial Center Trash Can Mould
Product Material: HDPE, PP, ABS etc can be blow molded
Mould material: 50#/P20/718/738/NAK80/S136/AL
Cavity: Single Cavity
Design software: Pro-E/UG/CAD
Mould base: LKM.HASCO
Surface treatment: Sand Blasting/texture/polish
Lead time: 15-40 days
machining tolerance:0.003-0.005mm
5 Liter Pot Single Cavity Polish Blowing Mould
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