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5I got into my dream school! Washington University in St. Louis Acceptance Story

I got into my dream school!? | Washington University in St. Louis Acceptance Story
[Music] hi guys it's Izzie I would say welcome back to my channel but haven't really made a
sit down video yet I guess is kind of introducing my channel as well I kind of want to start
making more college educational type videos because I've been watching them a lot and
they've been really helping me out so today I'm going to be talking about how I got accepted
into my dream College so first off let me look down at the little notes I took so let me just tell
you the school I actually got into that was considered my dream school that I never thought
I'd get into so it's Washington University in st. Louis right ok so I was a little sophomore
whenever I first went and toured Wash U and it was so intimidating and I didn't know how I
felt about the vibe just because I've always been a good student but I was never like top-10
in my class like I was top 10% but not top 10 and that's what I thought you had to be in order
to get into a school like that I toured there like one or two more times like in between now
and my sophomore year just to see you know maybe my mind would change about it maybe
I feel like I could actually do it but every time I went there I just felt like overwhelm I like
wanted to go there so bad I didn't think I could get in though so I didn't even want to put
myself through the pain of like a prying and not getting in because that would have just like
broke me I think so I kind of pushed myself away from apply last semester cuz I'm a senior in
high school right now so last semester in like November no September or whatever like early
decision one was due around November 15th I think and I was gonna apply for that but then
I was like well like I haven't looked at any other colleges yet really and I should probably just
applied Regular Decision if I apply it all to wash you just so I have okay I'm editing this right
now let me be clear it wasn't because of that it was definitely because I was scared of
rejection and no one should use that as an excuse to not apply for the job they want or the
dream college they want to get into or just anything you want to go after in life don't let fear
control you because if I wouldn't have applied sorry this is getting like really deep but if I
wouldn't have applied like I I couldn't even be making this video like I wouldn't be going to
wash you just because I was scared to apply it like that's so dumb so you might as well just
take the chance so I didn't apply sooner or later once it became the day that like they the
people who did apply a decision like found out they got in my friend Laurie I hope she
doesn't mind me using her name she got in and when I saw that I just like it just like triggered
something in me made me realize like I actually do want to go there as I ended up applying
early decision to later in January 2nd I think was when the deadline was and I decided to do
that because seeing her get in and seeing someone that I was like somewhat close to a new
like actually get into a school like that like gave me a little bit of hope so I was like if she can
do like why can't I be of similar grades and I what I was gonna say similar ACS but we
actually don't which is what freaked me out as well but I'll get into that so I also applied to
some like Safe Schools I applied to Mizzou Aires gonna stay New York Institute of
Technology which isn't really a safe school but I applied there I applied to University of
Tennessee and again I applied Wash U obviously but those other four schools I actually did
get into so that was all great and dandy but I got to the point where like washes dishes and
dishes and we're gonna come out for early decision too and I had not yet been rejected I had
got into all the honors colleges I applied to and I was just kind of like what if this is like the
one I actually want to get into what if don't get into this one you know because like all the
other ones I gather great but I really wanted to get into this one so it was just very
nerve-racking by the time decisions came rolling out they were supposed to come on
February 15th but my friend snapped out of me and she was like hey did you get your
decision back about washy I was like no it doesn't come out till two more days and she was
like oh well my friends like just like found out their decision then I was like what so I took my
email and it was like status update from washy when I was like oh my god it mind you I was
driving I was literally in my car coming home from dropping my sister off at gymnastics I'm at
a stoplight and I open the email because I couldn't wait till I got home even though I was two
seconds from my house and I saw that I got in and I started like screaming okay just for
reference this is literally the stoplight I was at whenever I open my decision letter which I just
think it's really funny he's a serious autism was sitting in the back and she was so confused
she was like what like what's going on like why are you screaming I was screaming and then
I finally got to the house and I parts left my sister in the car she's 15 but like I went right back
out there she was like walking in whatever yeah I was like screaming I was like mom mom
mom where are you at and she was like in the shower and I like busted dude it was a
freaking door of the bathroom I was like mom like I got into Wash U and she's like what and
so I went in sat on the stairs and waited till she was done showering cuz my the shower
choosin is like right by the stairs and I was just like crying hysterically she was like why you
crying like this is a good thing I was like yes but like what like I got in like that like just doesn't
happen like I just really genuinely did not think I was going to get him I am so sorry for the
amount of times I have said like and let's just ignore it I obviously say it a lot when I'm
nervous or excited and I was very nervous during this video the fact that I did was just like
mind-boggling I didn't even know how to feel because I was like oh my god I just got all this
pressure I was like this means I have to actually really start like trying like obviously I try now
but the difference between going to a state school and then wash you like a private see the
dynamics just different I'd like just knew I was gonna have to focus a lot more than I would if
I was gonna go to Mizzou which is where I was gonna go because I got into the Honors
College and had a full right there so I was gonna go there if I didn't get into Wash U so then
you know got in and I for a while I was like struggling between oh my god like we did it did I
make a mistake like I have to go here now and that means I have to do well in order to
because I want to go to med school so like I have to get a good GPA so that was a little bad
for a while because I just like didn't believe in myself and I was like like why did I get it and
other people who applied in it like I just was like genuinely confused and shocked tonight so
many emotions but it's kind of settled down now I realize like obviously they wouldn't have
accepted me if they didn't realize my potential okay yeah so running out of time my camera
is about to die in this videos already like okay now Syria wasn't talking me that always freaks
me out when that happens anyway so I think I'm gonna make a separate video on how I
actually got in like my stats what I vote for my ‚Äčuniversity of washington essay prompts‚Äčand all
the extracurriculars I have been part hits participating in throughout my high school career so
make sure you like this video and comment down below if that's something you'd like to see
next that I hope you guys have a great rest of your day and good luck with all your college
decisions and choices and applications bye [Music]