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Yuyao Hongfu Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.

Yuyao Hongfu Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.
Yuyao Hongfu Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. is a combination of industry and trade,
specializing in the production of national standard; European standard; German standard
and other standard stainless steel pipes, mainly based on: 202 301 304 304L 316 316L
310S and other stainless steel materials, the company is now There are more than 60
employees, including 10 engineering and technical personnel; the production plant area is
more than 7,000 square meters, with 14 domestic advanced pipe production lines, 3 laser
cutting machines, 2 laser welding machines, and other curved and cut pipes. Processing
capacity of material, flare, shrinkage, drum, welding, groove, punch, stainless steel
surface treatment. Can undertake the production and processing of stainless steel pipe
fittings related products.
The company has rich experience in stainless steel welding control tubes and related
pipe fittings and strong technical research and development strength. The products are
known for their high performance and high quality. The environmental assessment and
quality safety assessment required by the state have been completed; the customers can
develop all kinds of stainless steel shower pipe fittings required, and can directly supply
various imported materials to customers. The company is based on honesty,
customer-centered, and resolutely implements "Caring service, technological innovation."
Our products are widely used in industrial products, furniture products, sanitary products,
home accessories, kitchen products, lighting products, hardware products, mechanical
equipment, medical equipment, chemical equipment, etc. In today's increasingly fierce
market competition, we are playing our own advantages. At the same time, we will learn
from the experience of successful companies, constantly improve ourselves, rationally
adjust our business strategies, and strive to adapt to the market. The company's business
philosophy of "personality determines products and products reflects people's character",
warmly welcomes all over the country to distribute, new and old customers come to the
tenth and negotiate, we will be happy to serve you, let us work hard together to create
Yuyao Hongfu Stainless Steel Products Factory
Add:No. 68, Hemudu Town North Road, Yuyao City, Zhejiang, China
Fax :+86-0574-62953519
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: https://www.hf-stainlesssteel.com/